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Kripa Radhakrishnan |Artist

        Kripa Radhakrishnan is an interdisciplinary artist born in Mumbai, and currently doing her Doctoral studies in Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University, Ohio, USA.

        She completed M.F.A in Studio Arts (2019) from CUNY, The City College of New York, NY, USA and received Achievement Medal of the Art Alumni: The Eggers Award, and Connor Award (1st place) for her excellence in academics. Kripa has also been the receipient of Mahendra M Nanavati Gold Medal for securing 1st  place in B.V.A (2016) at S.N.D.T Women’s University, Mumbai, India. She has also received several National, Zonal, and State level accolades for Indian classical dance (Mohiniyattam & Bharatanatyam), music, and visual arts from Association of Indian Universities (Youth Affairs Ministry of India). This apart she has also received international awards and scholarships.

       Her artworks in general focus on spirituality and social issues. As a woman from a non-conservative upbringing her exhibitions in India and New York has always voiced out for the marginals. Apart from the above stated she is also interested in exploring Indian arts and culture. 

       Her creative process involves the development of conceptual, visual imagery, experimental performance, sculpture, installation, painting, printmaking, and sound art.


"Art is a medium that spiritually connects the separated; it may or may not exist. The process of creation, the creator, and the viewer have different versions of the connections of mind, body, and soul that help them to achieve the essence of art".

                                                                         -Kripa Radhakrishnan

'ASHTANAYIKA', Art Exhibition, Jehangir Art Gallery
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